Why Is Dubai an Attractive City for Foreign Investors?

In recent years, Dubai has become a safe sanctuary for many foreign investors. This, of course, was not a process that happened overnight; rather, it took many years and many policies to make this dream a reality.

Firstly, the good thing is that the Govt. of Dubai is open to creating a diverse economy, which means that it would have realized that trading pearls, which was indeed profitable for them in the past would no longer be a substantial means if the economy was to continue to grow. This city later discovered oil, but still, yet, this sector does not contribute largely to the city’s gross domestic product. Other sectors such as tourism, finance and information technology create not only a diverse environment, but an ever growing environment as well.

All of this would not have been possible without the appropriate infrastructure in place to support such. This iconic city has invested billions of dollars to create world-class facilities in many sectors which makes many tasks possible and also attracts investors. But, investors are not only blinded by shiny new buildings and infrastructure – the effort also has to be worth their time. Therefore, with an open and free system, many companies do not feel the burden of taxes here. This creates an even more attractive playing ground for companies abroad to relocate their funds to this city.

This city also continues to grow which makes the property market ever growing as well. Dubai creek harbour projects along with Emaar beachfront apartments and Port De La Mer apartments are eye-catching to not only the pockets of business spenders but also to those looking to enjoy warmth in a region that is not the Caribbean.

Known to be the getaway to many possibilities and adventures, Dubai is the trending hotspot for vacationers due to its strategic location. Therefore, investing in property such as Emaar beachfront apartments is also a very viable option for foreign investors.

Above all, the city is relatively stable in terms of politics and economy, therefore the chances of political unrest situation arising are virtually non-existent. The city is also praised for its low crime rates. These features also make this city a dream city as no investor wants to pump millions of dollars to see it all deteriorate within a short space of time.

A new residency visa rule has also been implemented to allow key professional workers to live in the city for up to 10 years! How many cities allow such a thing? Therefore, it is clear that this Dubai has no plans of slowing down its progress and which such visionary plans in place for the upcoming years, the world will continue to watch the city grow and prosper.