Want to Lose Weight? Try the HIIT Way

Want to Lose Weight? Try the HIIT Way

Are you overweight and searching for ways to lose weight? If so, then you turn your head towards High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

HIIT is a proven method to shed weight faster than other forms of exercise.

Here are the reasons why undergoing HIIT classes can help you to lose weight:

Burn More Calories

With HIIT, you will burn more fat. Studies have shown that after only two weeks of undergoing the training, participants will improve their fat-burning rate. And that assists in weight loss, and thus lose weight.

Improves Metabolism

You will burn more calories while recovering from a HIIT session than after any other form of exercise. It happens because HIIT involves anaerobic energy production, and that helps in exhausting glycogen stores and creating an accumulation of lactic acid and hydrogen ions in your muscle tissue.

After your workout, your body uses oxygen and calories to convert lactic acid back into glycogen, which is stored for future use. At the same time, HIIT workouts raise your heart rate more than cardio exercises.

The intense workouts are more stressful on muscles due to bursts of power. In the process of repairing muscle tissue fibers and regulating heart rate along with blood pressure, the calories in your body burn.

Improves Your Exercise Tolerance

HIIT sessions enable your body to produce energy more efficiently. As such, your fitness and stamina improve to the next level. You will burn more calories when you push yourself harder and longer.

Prevents Your Body from Plateauing

When you perform the same exercise each day, there are fewer chances of your body getting used to the activities and plateauing. HIIT includes a variety of workouts so your body will never get a chance to plateau. As such, you can reap the benefits of the various exercises.

HIIT will not only help you to shed your weight but also stay perfectly fit. Refer to the infographic in this post to know all about HIIT.