Tips to Prepare Your Vehicle for Long Distance Towing

Tips to Prepare Your Vehicle for Long Distance Towing

If you’re moving to a new location far from your current residence, it is better to hire the services of a professional Boca Raton towing company instead of driving your vehicle all the way. While driving is fun at times, you do not want to tire yourself from a long drive when you can transport your car faster and with less effort on your part.

Here are the important things you should do to prepare your vehicle for long-distance towing.

Get your car ready for long-distance towing

It is vital to get your car ready for the journey. Doing so ensures that your car will remain safe. You do not want your vehicle to be damaged during the long drive.

Here are the things you should do:

Disable your car alarm

Understand that the road is not one smooth and level surface. Disabling the alarm of your car ensures that the alarm will not go off when the tow truck hits a bump or a hole. Your car alarm accidentally going off can cause stress and panic to the driver of the tow truck.

Wash your car

You might think that this is useless, as the car will collect dirt during the long drive. But washing your car lets you see all the dents and scratches on your car before it sets off. When the tow truck delivers your car, you can determine if it received any damage while in transit.

If there are fluid leaks, repair them

Repairing any fluid leak is vital for the safety of your car and other cars on the road. For example, if your engine oil is leaking, it can cause an accident to the vehicles behind the tow truck because the surface becomes slippery. If the fuel tank is leaking, it can result in a fire, which is very dangerous.

Inflate your car’s tires

When you are sending your car on a long-distance towing trip, be sure to inflate the tires. During the journey, the car will be moving up and down even if it is securely anchored. Properly inflating your tires will prevent damage to the rims and tires.

Remove all items inside the trunk and glove compartment

Remove temptation by emptying your trunk and glove compartment of valuables. Ensure that your car is devoid of personal belongings. Moreover, you should remove the accessories if your car is customized. Determine which ones may be damaged during the towing journey.

Make sure that the gas tank is not full

A full tank adds more weight to the car. Lighten the load to make towing the vehicle easier. Since you are not going to drive the car, reducing the fuel amount in the tank does not matter.

Lock your car

It is mandatory to lock your car in preparation for the long-distance towing trip. You have to make sure that your car remains safe while on the road, and prevent any car door from accidentally opening. The tow truck driver may not realize that a door is open, which is an invitation to a roadside thief to try stealing something from the car.

Getting your car ready for long-distance towing ensures that your car will be in good condition when it reaches its destination.