The Likelihood of AI’s Influence on the World of Academia

The scenes described in sci-fi movies about how technology and artificial intelligence will influence our daily activities is already here. In the last few years, textbooks and notebooks have almost become redundant.

Both students and teachers have adapted digital textbooks and notebooks and they seem pretty comfortable using those. Artificial Intelligence is about using technology to enhance our lives and make our daily activities easier, along with helping us on more complex matters as well.

Studying, be it at school or universities, has not become more personalized after the adoption of artificial intelligence in the field of academics. Artificial intelligence has several applications and features that help students learn easily and while having fun. It is making education and information more accessible for students and teachers. Not just that, AI is also a huge helping hand in the administrative tasks in the education sector.

Let’s take a look at how AI is transforming the education sector and how far it can go.

Virtual content is now a reality, thanks to AI

Now that robots have started creating content with the same degree of precision as human content creators, the concept of smart content is hot and rising. This technology is now reaching the classrooms. AI can be really helpful in shifting the content from textbooks to digital platforms. It can also provide digital interfaces that are also customizable and can be of great help to students from all age groups.

The content is provided on digital textbooks is more refined, upgraded and easily digestible. There are flashcards, study guides, quizzes, chapter summaries etc. AI also allows professors to design a lecture on the difference in digital mediums and reach a number of students by doing this.

AI Provides Smart Tutoring Systems

AI not only creates flashcards or provide condensed study material. It can now also help a student who doesn’t have the required class material or access to the class. In the past, the students were guided or taught for limited hours of the day, depending on the availability of the professor. But AI provides smart tutoring systems which can help students by providing them the material and also provides them with feedback and works with them directly.

This system of AI isn’t completely functional yet. Organisations are working on making it more useful and accessible to students so that the system can work like a full-fledged digital professor that guide the student in almost any area. Also, these systems will be made more flexible so they can adapt to different environments and learning curves.

Expediting Administrative Tasks

AI has the right potential to automate administrative tasks. This is in favor of both, the organizations and the professors. Reading student essays, grading tests, quizzes and homework, and offering feedback to the students will now be made easy and quick, with exact precision. These are the areas where professors spend a lot of their time. AI can help automate these tasks and save some time for the professors and the organizations as a whole.

Developers are working on ways to make responses and feedbacks more precise and detailed. This will also help in the admission process, as the AI systems can review the student essays and their grades and qualifications. A lot of time and manual effort will be saved here.

Learning Environments will Change

Your actual lecturer might soon be replaced by a robot. It seems like a terrifying thing being taught by a robot. But developers are working on this in order to make it as organic and natural as possible. There are several facilitators and virtual human guides that can think and act like us humans do. So a learning environment being completely digitized is a possibility. Here, AI will be combined with gaming technology, 3D and computer animation to make this possible.   

Transforming the world of Academia

It is not wrong to say that we are already in the future of education right now as we are already surrounded by study material that has been digitized and professors and students being able to get in touch with each other over digital platforms while sitting in different parts of the world. AI will not only transform the education sector for students, but it will also act as a great help to the universities and professors. A lot of time will be saved, and also huge administrative costs will be avoided. This possibility is something to really look forward to.

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