Some Tips for Students to Stretching Dollar

College life – the most intriguing phase of a student life with a plethora of dreams and aspirations; however, the continuing times of pinching pennies and stretching the dollars. You immensely strive to gain money for easing your financial stress but food, tuition fees, books, and board consume it all. Isn’t it? Nearly all the students face the intimidating phase where they’re bound to cut their additional expenses. Do you face the same scenario? Alleviate your worries, as here is the smart guide to stretch your dollars:

  1. Set a Budget:

Why don’t you consider becoming a bookkeeper for yourself? Not necessarily a bookkeeper but keeping tracks of all your expenses and making a plan of where to spend your money. You can embrace the online resources or just use a paper for keeping the track. Through taking inventory of the money and allocating percentages of the money to be spent on the books, laundry, food, and rent, you can save a lot of money.

  1. Spend less on textbooks

Why didn’t you consider searching for the online textbooks? Buying new books make you spend a lot of money; thus, give a small dent to your wallet and look forward towards online books. It will inevitably assist you in reducing the cost as well as saving space. You could even rent the books for the semester or consider selling your books when they aren’t required. You can even look for the beneficial scholarship opportunities rendered by your college.

  1. Learn to cook:

If you stop buying the foodstuff, you could save thousands of money. Do you know how? Why buy expensive items when you can become a chef yourself? Learn to cook meals at home. In addition to that, buy the staples and food supplies in bulk from the local grocery shops. Cook meals in a large amount and consider freezing the leftovers for utilizing them the other day.

  1. Shop around for used:

Are you well aware of the days when there are target discounts in your favorite store? Go and avail them! Buying the new items and investing on the expensive things isn’t right for your budget. Keep a light hand and try thrift shopping for the apartment furnishings, textbooks, trade-in-phones, refurbished computers, and even clothes. It will eventually help you save a lot of money.

  1. Say No to expensive drinks

Are you on a strict budget? You could cut down the extra amount of money spent on the expensive drinks. However, if you’re craving for coffee then, you can save hundreds of dollars by making it at home. Avoid buying the drinks and sodas from vending machines. Instead, set the budget for these drinks and buy them in stock beforehand.

  1. Look for the discounts

Who doesn’t like the sales? The tight budgets of students are discerned by the shopkeepers. Thus, a variety of discount deals, off-season bargains, overstock stores, and freebies are offered solely to the students. If you’re going out to a movie or any leisure activity, look for the student discounts. Moreover, you can even avail the help of shopping apps and the coupons in order to save the tiniest amount of money too. You can even ask the stores for their schedules of clothes clearance and restocking of the pantry.

  1. Rent an apartment:

Living in the campus hostels could cost you an ample amount of money. Why not consider renting an apartment with the friends to lower down the cost associated with apartment furnishings and utilities. It is an efficient way to cut down on the extra cost of on-campus living.

  1. Cut down all the extra cost:

Is it winters already? Lower down your thermostat to save the heating bill. Save the transportation cost by walking or cycling to the college. You’ll not only rejuvenate but also feel energetic! Don’t opt for the expensive campus shuttles and avail the public transportation instead.

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