Scott Spark 740 Mountain Bike – A Bike with Split Personality

Available in a choice of 650b or 29in size of wheels, the Scott Spark 740 Mountain bike is a highly-coveted choice for marathon and cross-country racing.  You may find it confusing what the number ‘9’ indicates. Well, to make things easy for you; it denotes a model of 29er. Likewise, a ‘7’ signifies the bike features a 27.5in or 650b wheels.

The geometry and suspension system of Spark 740 is identical to the Spark 720. packed with components of slightly downgraded quality in comparison to the Spark 720, its full aluminum frame makes it a proposition of worth at least in the paper.

Adaptable to changing conditions

At the first look, you may feel although Spark 740 is designed with intentions of marathon racing, it is entirely different, and you may not get that feeling when you ride a racing bike.  Honestly, it resembles a trail bike for short travel with a sleek head angle. However, with just a flick of the switch, you can modulate the bike’s speed that is so typical to a racing bike.

The switch or suspension control of TwinLoc shapes the multi-purpose utility of Spark.  From a single shifter type lever, it offers a triple position control at the rear and front shocks. Induction of FOX Float Evolution fork has proven itself as a worthy peer of the rear shock. Considering that, Scott has conventionally deployed modest rear shock absorbers for suspension designs; there cannot be any doubt on the fact in comparison to old offerings, the latest FOX Nude marks a significant improvement that is more than just impressive.

Scott continues its lineage of producing carbon fiber frame of supreme quality. Its high reputation of providing some of the best lightweight bikes remains untarnished. The bike has attractive aesthetics and being a kilo or 2 lighter without compromising on functionality and fun makes it perfect for adventurous and professional riding.

Scott Genius 740 bike 2018 is another excellent example of a powerful mountain bike. It has proved itself as a rig that will never fail to impress. The cumulative weight of the shock and bare frame is 2249g. It is a marvel of carbon creation, which in comparison to other bike brands is a good kilo lighter. Together with the 290g one-piece carbon bar, a bunch of lightweight gears and a stem combo combines well to shape a 150 mm travel trail bike weighing 12.1 kg exclusive of pedals.

However, the Genius Tuned, is priced at a staggering cost of $8999. Considering the high-end technology that the bike uses, the pricing is apt, but makes it beyond the affording capacity of most people. In this backdrop, the all-alloy Genius 740 priced at $4299 is a more affordable option. Although you will not get the featherweight carbon, it still offers you an alloy frame with elegant finishing fitted with a durable SRAM GX Eagle 1X12. Moreover, the Deore level MT 500 Shimano brakes do a great job. You can visit Contender Bikes for the best deals on mountain bikes and the latest Scott Genius collection.