Perks Of Investing in Off-Plan Property in Dubai

The off plan concept certainly is not a new concept for most people but the fact still remains that it can be a nerve-racking process for most, even if you are investing in top projects like Meraas off-plan projects or Dubai properties off-plan projects.

So, if you are still unsure about this type of property plans, here are some perks that will put your mind at ease.

1: Low Cost

This is one of the major benefits of purchasing this kind of property. You can acquire the property at below market value which for many buyers is a deciding factor. After all, what do you have to lose?

Usually, the cost is much lower than completed properties due to the fact that the developer is trying to close as many deals as possible as those investments finance the project.

Also, it’s not in the nature of humans to spend more than normal on an item that they do not know the outcome of. Therefore, it is more beneficial for the supplier to have a lower price point in order to sell large numbers of properties quickly – making it a win-win for both the developer and the buyer.

2: Capital Growth

This is essentially a numbers game, and therefore, any keen investor looking for strong numbers would jump at such.  The earlier you invest the more likely you will experience an increase in the value once it has been completed.

This is really reliant on the fact that the market continues to grow. Therefore, in layman’s terms, if you have to buy an off-plan property today and 3 years later it has been completed, you should see growth in the value of the asset which is great if you are looking to sell it in the near future.

3: Payment Plans

Meraas off-plan projects, for example, are one of the leading off-plan projects in Dubai with attractive payment plans. These payments definitely work to the advantage of the purchaser and it essentially spreads the cost in flexible installments, making it more affordable. It also substantially lessens the initial deposit which can scare away even the most experienced investor.

With many so many perks on offer, buyers tend to “bit the bullet” and make the investment because the pros certainly outweigh the cons in every way. It is up to you to determine if these perks are advantageous to you because to a lot of buyers, it definitely is attractive!