Online Reviews Matter: How They Affect Local SEO

They say that the best place to hide a dead body is in the second page of Google’s search results. While this may be a hilarious joke, mainly used by SEO experts and link building company, it highlights the fact that most people will only look at page one of Google’s results when they search for something online.

Local businesses should see to it that their listing on a search engine ranks as high as possible, and never make it to the bottom or on the next page of a search engine’s results. Ideally, being on the top three of a search engine result will result in high web traffic from organic (unpaid) visitors.

One of the main factors affecting local SEO is the reviews posted by customers online. Most major search platforms such as Google rely on a specific algorithm that determines a business’s ranking. Those stars are valuable and significant. Consider two businesses of similar product or services- business A and B. If business B gets lower ratings than business A, then B would appear lower in a search engine listing.

Trust is also another thing. Customers generally look for other customers’ reviews of a product or service and want to find out why – getting a lot of negative reviews and one-stars will definitely send a message to the customers about the business being bad or lousy. Customers like to rely on such reviews because they know that they are genuine and have been posted by other customers personally.

For this reason, always take customer reviews into consideration and consider how these will most likely have a significant effect on your local SEO and aim for excellent reviews from clients, for asking the ones that were happy with your services to leave a positive review, for instance. Great reviews and more stars will mean higher visibility, generating more traffic.