How to Recover Data from Formatted Hard Drive Partition

Accidentally formatted my laptop hard drive E partition and lost all files and folders. Now searching for an optimal solution to recover data from formatted hard drive partition. Go through the complete article and find the best solution to recover lost files even after formatting hard drive partition.

The Microsoft Windows Operating System supports FAT and NTFS partition type to format internal and external hard drive. If you format your hard drive then all the saved data will be erased. So it is recommended that take the latest backup before formatting the hard drive. Otherwise, you have to rely on data recovery software. So, lets first understand the why user format the hard drive partition.

Why do We Need to Format Hard Disk?

There are several situations in which the user need to format hard disk. Some of them are listed below:

  1. Hard drive partition showing error
  2. Virus corrupted hard disk partition
  3. Getting “You need to format the disk before use” error
  4. Partition registry value changed
  5. Malware program attacked on the hard drive and make inaccessible etc.

What Does Happen After Formatting Hard Drive Partition?

As the some of the situations listed above in which user need to format the hard drive. Once the hard disk partition is formatted the complete stored files and folders are erased. So, before formatting the hard disk partition you need to be sure the partition does not contain any useful data. If you lost your important files while formatting the hard disk. Then the lost data recovery is not an easy task.

Note: – If you are using Solid State Drive and deleted data accidentally and now looking for the solution. Then you should read Steps to Recover Deleted Data from SSD.

Is Data Recovery Possible from Formatted Hard Drive Partition?

Yes, the data recovery is possible from formatted partition but it is not an easy task. Because if format your hard disk then the Windows OS does not erase data from hard drive partition. The all files and folders will become invisible for the user. But In actual the data remain at their original position.

Best Solution to Recover Data from Formatted Hard Drive partition

There is not any manual solution to perform data recovery from formatted hard disk partition. Due to which need a trusted and secure utility. Which can restore lost data without any data loss? I recommend you to try SysTools Partition Data Recovery Software. Because it is capable enough to restore lost files from all version of FAT and NTFS partitions. Apart from this the tool can also recover permanently deleted, corrupted data from hard drive partition. The software is compatible with all windows os versions like Windows 10, 8, 7 etc.

Steps to Recover Data from Formatted Hard Disk Partition

You need to just perform some quick steps as listed below:

  1. Download SysTools Partition Recovery Software                                                      recover formatted partition data
  2. Install on any version of Windows Operating System (Win 10, 8, 7 etc.)     formatted partition recovery
  3. Then select partition which you formatted and hit on Formatted Scan, wait till the software scans to 100%. recover data from formatted partition
  4. Preview complete data into preview panel for free .                                                               recover data from formatted hard drive
  5. Either Save selected files or save complete recovered data                                how to recover data from formatted partition

Conclusion: –

In this post, I explained the best method to recover data from formatted hard drive partition on quick steps. I hope this effort will help you to regain your lost data files.