How App Developers Can Make Live Video Streaming Apps Very Attractive


Unfortunately, not every live video streaming app is as effective as it should be. For any live video streaming apps to be successful, it must have all the features listed right below. Some app developers have been adopting some of them already.

Several registration options

It is necessary that you give users several registration options so that they can choose the most convenient option for them. They can register with their mobile number, email address and password. You should also provide the option of registration through any of their social media accounts. Most importantly, you must also provide a means to retrieve or reset their password in case they forget it. A lot of people have had to dump their live streaming account because they forgot their password and could not retrieve it. In fact, experienced app developers do not joke with this feature.

Keep your registration form short

Long registration forms can turn off prospective users of your streaming app. So, it is better to keep your form very short. Yes, you need a lot of information for better profiling. However, you can request more information later. Remember that people don’t usually like typing on mobile devices. At the point of registration, you should be okay with just username, user’s picture and full name. You can get the other information like interest, location, and date of birth much later. That is the strategy some successful mobile app developers have been using.

Include the import contacts feature

Users of the app will definitely want to search for their friends. You know they say the more the merrier. You should include the “import contact” function in your streaming app. With the function, users can just import their contacts from their social media accounts. That way, they won’t need to search for their friends one after the other. They can also import contacts from their phonebook.

Advanced search function is important too

It is necessary to include an advanced search function among the functions of your live streaming app. This will make it easier for users to search for certain videos faster. For instance, advanced search functions usually have filter facility. With this facility, users can filter videos by the age of the video if they have an idea of how long the video has been uploaded or if it is a pretty new video.

They can also filter by location, interest, broadcast topic, language of broadcasts, popularity, and number of views. Most importantly, if they know the title of the broadcast they are looking for, they can just search for the title. You, the owner of the app can benefit from this too.

When a user eventually finds what he is interested in, he will take the time to view it but if not, chances are he will just leave immediately. You definitely want users to stay longer on your app right? All app developers do. Then, you must improve their experience in several ways.

Consider including notifications

When it comes to marketing, you need the attention of your audience. Unfortunately, humans lose concentration after about 8 seconds on the average. This is why videos are used to capture and retain the attention of target audience. This is why it is important to include notifications feature on your app.

This will enable users to be able to send notifications to his contacts whenever he is about to stream a video. Companies can also notify their customers whenever they are about to stream videos. It could be an explainer video about any of their products and it could also be other kinds of marketing videos.

If you have an Instagram account, you must have received a notification when any of your followers or any of the people you are following initiates a video. This will ensure that a lot of people get to view the video. This is exactly what you should replicate in your app with the notification feature.

Privacy setting

You need to allow users to be able to choose the people that should see a particular video or those that should not see it among their contacts. Privacy is very important. It is not every video that users will want everyone to see. Sometimes a user may want to share a private family video and will want only his family member to see it. He should be able to set the privacy of his account for such.

Include geolocation

This is an important feature because it will make it easy for users to find broadcasts by location. It is not uncommon for users to look for broadcasts that are relevant to their base. With geolocation, this will be easier.

Simplicity matters

Like every other kinds of mobile apps. Users will make use of your live streaming app if it is very easy to use. So, it is important to ensure that your app is very intuitive and so easy to understand that even a 10-year old can navigate his way around.

Availability of offline functionalities

Of course, every live video streaming app requires internet connection to stream videos, it is still a good idea to include some offline functionalities in your app so that users will have reasons to open it even in areas with low or no internet connection.

High streaming speed

This is the most important feature of any streaming app. Every other quality is secondary. This is what determines the choice of streaming apps. So, you must ensure that your streaming app is not only responsive but streams app faster than average streaming apps. Even if you get all the other features wrong, you need to get this right. No matter how long a user has been streaming live videos with your streaming app, he will switch to a new one the moment he sees another streaming app that streams faster than yours.

Adopt a single feedback button

So, you need to keep updating it. However, it is better to include users in the update. Always seek feedback on how to improve their experience. The easier it is for users to send feedback, the more they will. So, you need to adopt a single feedback button. Once they click the button, a template on which they will type the feedback will appear. And when they are through, they will only need to tap the submit/send button.