Dropshipping: expectations vs reality

Dropshipping: expectations vs reality

We all know how profitable dropshipping is in today’s generation. It has not only helped people to earn money but also has helped them to become millionaires. Yes, its true dropshipping has always been a good source of income for various people.

Dropshipping has helped millions of people who were having financial problems. Most of the people in dropshipping are teenagers and they have dominated the market of dropshipping.

But dropshipping doesn’t look as easy as it seems and it is very different from what we think. Some people think dropshipping is just a piece of cake and all they have to do is to start one. But later they realize the industry is much more big and difficult than they think.

Before you start your dropshipping business it’s important to understand the reality of dropshipping first. You can read more about dropshipping on dailymusk

Expectations and reality:

Everyone thinks dropshipping is a business with no competition as you are targeting customers with Instagram ads or social media ads. But it turns out to be a competition when other person who is in the same niche as you are and when he provides his products on cheap rate but you still provide at the same high price.

Its simple people will purchase products from his store and not your store. Don’t ever think that customer is a fool nowadays customer and people are being clever and before buying any product online they first check that product on different websites to check their price and when they search and find a website that provides the same product you provide for less price they buy from there and you lose your customer.

So dropshipping is also a very good competitive market. But I would not say highly competitive market. As lots of people are into dropshipping. But there is no saying when dropship will become a highly competitive market. So it’s better to get into the business as soon as possible

People also think that they will make millions of dollars in dropshipping. But it’s as easy as it looks. You can also loose thousands of dollars and even your time in dropshipping if you don’t choose the right product (by right product I mean not a product that is in trend but the product with good price and good quality). People only buy products that satisfy their wants and needs. If you sell products that you think looks cool to you but no other person wants to buy it then it’s a waste of time and waste of money as you have to pay some fees for hosting your website.

Dropshipping takes time to find the right product and niche. It’s not a one-day activity you have to do a lot of research and find the product you know about and you can sell for higher profit. If you sell products where there is not much profit, then it’s not going to make you a millionaire or rich or wealthy.

You can turn dropshipping into a full time business if you know how to do it correctly.