About Construction Estimator Courses:

About Construction Estimator Courses:

Since construction and building are one of the strongest industries in Australia, it can be the best option for experienced professionals and school graduates who are looking to change their course in their career.

No project that requires financial investments starts without preliminary estimates of future costs. Especially when it comes to business as serious and responsible as construction. Therefore, it is not surprising that today, when the construction market is quite active and specialists are in great demand.  

Due to the specificities of the work, the estimator must be versed in a wide variety of areas: construction legislation, construction materials, technical documentation, design, etc. In addition, the estimator is a highly organized and excellent negotiator. 

Based on the above, it can be noted that those who wish to master the profession of the estimator with various Estimator Courses.

These courses introduce the different types of cost estimation from the conceptual design phase to the more detailed design phase of any construction project.

Benefits of the Estimator Courses:

This is a very popular profession that opens up great opportunities for an academic career in the construction disciplines. Estimators work in the public and private sectors, with consulting firms, architecture firms, real estate companies, and, increasingly, with contractors, financiers, and project managers.

Most of the time, the work carried out by the estimator is carried out in comfortable conditions, indoors, which, of course, is an undoubted advantage. Working hours are generally normal and do not affect weekends or holidays. 

As in any other field of activity, the more experienced, and skills of a budget specialist, the more likely the employer is to be interested in hiring only him. Therefore, the demand for the estimator (and therefore its income) depends entirely on it.

The estimator’s salary depends largely on professional skills. The average salary for a qualified estimator in Australia is around anywhere between $80,000 to $110,000.

What do you learn in this course?

– Costs

– Risks evaluation

– Reconciliation of estimates

– Estimate planning

– Documentation of estimates

– Account code

– Cash flow

– Cost estimates

– Validation of estimates

– Budgets

What are the objectives of this course?

That the participants have an integral vision and a greater knowledge of the core processes related to the specialty of Cost Estimation for investment projects, which will allow us to understand the concept of Cost Estimation in the context of project execution. 

Classify cost estimates according to the available information and the project execution phase know the best practices in methods and tools used in the elaboration of Cost Estimates.

Estimators work closely with project owners, financiers, suppliers, contractors, engineers, architects, lawyers, as well as government agencies at almost all levels.

In the viability study phase, the expense manager uses his knowledge of construction methods and costs to inform the owner of the most economical way to achieve the objectives. 

Who is it for?

Estimator courses are for decision-makers on investment portfolios in companies, Project managers, and team members who need to estimate the work. Managers who are in charge of providing information and/or validating the estimates (engineering, purchasing, construction, etc.).