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Why do you Need Studio Monitors

What makes studio monitors so great and a necessity to use for recording studios and such places? Well to start things off there are a few reasons as to why we need studio monitors and what sets them aside from a few of the other types of speakers, looking into those reasons studio monitors are specifically and professionally designed for recording studios. Looking like regular speakers in comparison to those that are use for events and venues, what stands out is the fact that they possess a much higher level of precision quality, this is the part that makes them more superior than the other types of speakers. Having the ability of precision to the factor that helps the recording experts break down and understand the mix, as they will listen to it carefully for them to ensure that the mixed sounds are perfect.

Installing Studio Monitors

Before beginning the setup of installing the studio monitors, a few things should be considered and kept in mind. First being the use of balanced cables such as TRS or even XLR cables, but with this using a standard chord would definitely be advised, as that way you can ensure that they can be easily replaced whenever it may be needed.

Though through the years technology advances, the manufacturing and producing of items improves but results in the prices going higher as well, don’t feel pressured to purchase the highest range and most recently released, there are many economical options that would be just as good to use and not be a defect in any case

Difference between Microphones and Studio Monitors

There is a difference between listening to the mixes through Microphones or monitors, the most affordable option and probably efficient way would be through headphones which most beginners do. However though Microphones may offer a closer way to the sound, but there is an actual difference listening through a monitor