PAX 3 Vaporizer For Sale – A close look at how it works

The latest rendition from the PAX labs is the PAX 3 vaporizer. You can say it is a gorgeous descendant of the PAX 2 vaporizer.  Do not get surprised if your girlfriend or wife mistakes it for one of her beauty products. Its sleek feminine design is not only attractive but also deceptive at times too. If you have used PAX 2 vaporizer then you must be wondering what new features have been added in this edition. Technically, PAX 3 vaporizer is an advanced make-piece of its precursor that takes less than 30 seconds to heat up.

Moreover, it features 4 preset temperatures, a heavy-duty battery, and Bluetooth connectivity rendering the convenience of adjusting its settings through an app.  On the outlook, you may not notice substantial variations in comparison to the PAX 2. However, its inner working s is reminiscent of cutting-edge technology so let us sneak-peek into it. So before you go looking for cheap Pax 3 vaporizer for sale online, let’s have a brief understanding of how it functions.

How it Works

If you have used or seen the PAX 2, then you will find it easy to use the PAX 3. Its manufacturers have deterred from reinventing the wheel. If you are new to the PAX series, then you have to start by removing the magnet cap. It is located at the bottom of the device covering the heating chamber. Once exposed, you have to fill it with your favorite herbs, and affix the base to the unit.

Next, you have to turn the device on for which you need to press the center of the mouthpiece right at the unit’s top. While selecting your preferred temperature, you need to press and hold the power button. It will take you to the temperature menu. A soft press on the power button will help you cycle through the row of five temperature settings. The first four options are identical to the PAX 2, while the fifth one gives the provision to customize the temperature settings through an app.

Once you have set your desired temperature, to exit from the temperature select menu, you need to press hold the power button again.  Your vaporizer will start heating up automatically to your set temperature. PAX 3 has an improved heating technology, so you can expect it to reach the set temperature in about 15 seconds. Once the herb heats up to the preferred temperature, the device will notify you with a vibration. The lights will go green, and you can start to draw vapor from the mouthpiece.

The PAX 3 vaporizer app gives you the provision to custom set your preferred temperature.  Moreover, you can make a choice from different heating modes that will shape the mannerism of your interaction with the unit.  The modes that are available through the app are as follows:

Standard: It is the default setting of the PAX 3. In this mode, the ovens temperature increases by 5 degree Celsius when you take a draw, helping it to maintain the temperature, and successively it drops back down until you make a draw again.

Flavor:  Similar to the standard mode, it provides for more heat on demand. It implies once the device heats up to a predefined temperature, it will shoot up faster when you take a draw and then start to cool down. When it comes to preserving the flavor between the draws, it does an excellent job.

Boost:  This mode is ideal for a short vape session with dense vapor.  In this mode, the heating takes place more aggressively and cool down time is decreased when you are not drawing.

Efficiency mode: In this mode, the temperature will slowly increase by 1 degree during your vape session, and follows the algorithm of the standard mode.

Stealth Profile: It has an aggressive cool down between the draws that help minimize odor.