Customers Find Luxury Brands With Affordable Prices at The RealReal

For those who love Louis Vuitton and perhaps tend to indulge in too many new handbags throughout the year, there’s finally a great option available for reselling those bags and recouping some of the cost. The RealReal is a website that offers buyers a way to easily find the designer duds of their dreams, while also allowing sellers to clear their closets and make room for more garments. The chief merchant of this website, which has also expanded in app form and a retail shop, is Rati Levesque. And Levesque sees luxury goods in a different way than others have, historically speaking.

For the longest time, designer garments were seen as something that could only be owned by a tiny fraction of the population. But along came the internet, and it suddenly became clear that there were many people in the world who didn’t mind dropping some serious change for a used Chanel dress or Burberry earmuffs. Clothing collectors rejoiced in the fact that they could finally negotiate reasonable prices for their wares. And nowadays, especially due to The RealReal, purchasing expensive designer clothes no longer has to be a losing proposition. In fact, depending upon the era or collection a garment is from, it might even end up appreciating. The RealReal has already witnessed several spikes in certain designers’ clothes.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that this online outlet boasts an extraordinary data team that is able to differentiate what it is that consumers crave. After all, some designer items are in much more demand than others. And based upon searches on the site, the team is able to suss out what’s popular and more likely to sell fast. Once they have this data, they will reach out to their vast network of sellers and let them know that certain items are in demand.

If anything, The RealReal’s staff has proven that they are willing to be flexible—and to cater their services to the needs of consumers. An experimentation with pop-up shops in big metropolises led to the idea that perhaps The RealReal should have its own retail shop. Now, less than a mile away from the Louis Vuitton store in the Beverly Center, sits The RealReal boutique, which is also stocked with some Vuitton items. It’s definitely a once-in-a-lifetime kind of feeling for the shopper, as there aren’t racks and racks of the same items in different sizes. Perusing the wares at this store takes considerably longer than a trip elsewhere, because there is a treasure hunt aspect to the whole endeavor. The stylists, who have been specifically trained to work in this type of environment, are often thrilled to find a new client with questions.

Everything about The RealReal is customized so that designer fans can find one-of-a-kind pieces that will tickle their senses for years to come. No detail has been left unexplored when it comes to The RealReal, which is why a whopping nine million people have signed up for the website. Whether they’re seeking a classic Burberry trench or the perfect pair of Dolce & Gabbana heels, chances are that they’ll find what they’re looking for—in addition to some other amazing accoutrements.